A Fish Named Glub

FishNamedGlubA_2217_spr2[1]I’m a big fan of diners, so was delighted to find this fantastic new picture book set in one. It also deals with some of the big, universal themes that I love to encounter in picture books.

A fish is left behind by his owner and is adopted by a friendly but lonely diner employee, Foster. The fish is given the name ‘Glub’ because this is the sound he makes. Foster identifies with Glub because he feels they are both on display without really being seen.

Glub is a blank canvas, and begins to shape his identity through what he learns from others. He asks himself some fundamental questions – who is he? Where does he belong? What is his purpose?

In the end, Glub acts as a catalyst and helps bring happiness into the lives of the people around him, including Foster. He finds answers to his questions and goes from being a fish with no name to having a home, a friend – a place to belong.

Author Dan Bar-El creates rich characters with hopes and dreams and the wonderful illustrations by Josée Bisaillon use mixed media collage to paint a world both familiar and magical.

A genuinely heartwarming and original tale for children aged 4 to 7 (with plenty to admire for interested adults too, of course). You’ll never look at your goldfish in the same way again.

A Fish Named Glub, by Dan Bar-el and Josée Bisaillon, published by Kids Can Press, is available now. 

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