Walk This World

A wonderful lift the flap book for older children – and adults!

20140316-213458.jpgA truly beautiful creation, Lotta Nieminen’s Walk This World features over eighty flaps, giving us an imagined glimpse of life across the globe. Each spread captures a different composite cityscape, from London to Paris to Rio.

Sometimes you lift a flap to peek through a door – there’s a visitor admiring a painting in the Guggenheim; other flaps reveal underground, into subway tunnels and the heart of a volcano. Other flaps fast forward the reader in time – we see a sunbathing woman and then under the flap we see her completely bronzed.

There are also visual stories. We witness a jewel thief’s break-in at the beginning of the book in New York, and then his eventual arrest on our return there at the end. This is just one small part of the tapestry.

It can be a challenge to work out each visited country but the rhyming text provides a clue, giving children plenty to talk about. With so many carefully constructed details and sturdy, integrated flaps, Walk This World really withstands repeated journeys.


Walk this World, by Lotta Niemenen, published by Big Picture Press, is available now.

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